From the food that is eaten to the way they go, they know and store the data data | data breach | technology news | manorama news | manorama online | Technology News | Tech News | Malayalam Technology News

Searching for food and hotels on the Internet is very natural. Have you ever wondered what information a search provider might have about such a person’s diet? They can pick up everything from what you like to eat, which days of the week you eat out, how far you go to eat, and when you […]

The ship is full of missiles… raining fire overhead! Ukraine with defense against Russia Defense | Russia-Ukraine War | Missile | Technology | Defense News | Malayalam Technology News

Russia’s biggest air strikes in Ukraine in two weeks The Russian army arrived with a ship full of missiles and fired about 200 missiles at Ukraine. Most of these destroyed Ukraine’s air defenses, but some fell and exploded. The extent of the damage is unclear. Ukrainian forces destroyed several drones and missiles. The Commander-in-Chief of […]

37,16,000 Indian accounts were closed in November due to many | Meta | Social Media | Technology | Technology News | Whatsapp | Social Media News | Malayalam Technology News

Beta-owned WhatsApp said it banned 37,16,000 accounts in India in November under new IT rules. This shows an increase of 60 per cent over October. WhatsApp, which has around 50 crore users in the country, received 946 complaints from India in November and took action in 74 cases. Meta-owned WhatsApp said the accounts were also […]

Russia fired a nuclear-armed missile KH55 at the Ukraine Defense | Russia-Ukraine War | Missile | Technology | Ukraine Crisis | Defense News | Malayalam Technology News

Russia has reportedly fired a nuclear-capable missile at Ukraine. The Strategic Communications Center, or Stratcom, of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has accused Russia of firing a nuclear-armed KH55 missile. Russia has fired a nuclear-armed missile at Kiev without a nuclear warhead attached. The KH 55 cruise missiles were produced in the 1970s during the […]

World Cup stream buffering is not fixed, Jio Cinema with response | Telecom | Jio Addiction | Technology | Technology News | Qatar World Cup | Technology News | Tech News | Malayalam Technology News

Football fans have reportedly been disappointed to experience buffering issues during live streaming of FIFA World Cup matches on Reliance’s JioCinema app. After many messages and trolls came on social media including Twitter and Facebook, Jio Cinema responded by tweeting assuring fans that they are trying to resolve the issue. However, it is also claimed […]

Ukraine has 2 other air defense systems to face Russia Defense | Russia-Ukraine War | Missile | Technology | Air Defense System | Defense News | Malayalam Technology News

Two other air defense systems are a relief for Ukraine to defend against Russian air attacks. Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov tweeted himself thanking the West for providing the NASAMS and ASPIDE air defense systems. Ukraine has thanked Norway, Spain and the United States. On October 10, Russia launched a large-scale missile attack on Ukrainian […]

Ookla says mobile internet speed spiked in India, not in top 100 list | Telecom | Internet | Jio Addiction | Technology | Technology News | Technology News | Tech News | Malayalam Technology News

A few days ago, a report came out that gives some relief to the central government’s plan to make the whole of India digital villages. According to the report of Ookla, a global internet speed testing agency, India’s internet speed has recorded a huge improvement. According to the report, October was the fastest ever recorded […]