Winter Blood Sugar Control: The Importance of Exercise and Diet

Winter and Diabetes: Importance of Blood Sugar Control As winter approaches, managing blood sugar levels becomes increasingly challenging for diabetic patients. The combination of reduced outdoor activities and heightened stress during the holiday season poses a significant threat to effective blood sugar control. Exercise as a Key Component Health experts emphasize the crucial role of […]

Tips for Diabetic Patients to Navigate the Fall Season for Better Blood Sugar Control

Diabetics face challenges in controlling their blood sugar levels, particularly during seasonal transitions. It is crucial for individuals with diabetes to familiarize themselves with the guidelines for managing their health during the autumn season. As we bid farewell to oppressive summer heat and welcome the arrival of cool morning and evening breezes, those with diabetes […]

Young people’s increasing dependence on coffee after meals

Coffee After a Meal: Benefits, Considerations, and Health Risks By Jiyoung Kim, SISACAST Reporter The increasing number of office workers opting for light lunches and coffee breaks is becoming a prevalent trend. Coffee has now become an essential accompaniment to a meal, boosting the number of office workers partaking in this post-lunch ritual. The stimulating […]