The parable of Grandfather’s stomachache, urinating interrupted, endured for a long time. Finally, the surgeon found a giant stone.

Bladder disease found about 3-5% ofurinary tract patientsOverall, Nakornping Hospital outpatient statistics in 2021 found that there were 240 bladder stones patients (total urinary tract stones 7,451 cases). 1. caused by beingkidney stonesbefore and then slide down to accumulate increasing size in the bladder 2. Born inbladderIn this case, it is often associated with a […]

Cluster of 73-year-old grandfather found at risk of covids 400

another part Affected by the 73-year-old grandfather was born a high-risk exposure and infected traveling to the funeral in the district of Pho Today at Ban Non Chan Temple, Pho Sub-District, Mueang District, Sisaket Province Staff from Pho Sub-District Health Promoting Hospital led a team of Volunteer Nurses Volunteer. settling in to mobilize to find […]