[Wedi dewis 65 tudalen yn ofalus]Aki, Hiroto, Yoshinobu, Tetsuto, Yuasa, many … Formal dreamers go to their land-Professional baseball: Nikkan Sports Premium

[Dewiswyd 65 llun yn ofalus]Aki, Hiroto, Yoshinobu, Tetsuto, Yuasa, many… Formal dream hunters go to his country Professional baseball spring camp began on the 1st. In Okinawa, there are four Central League teams: Yakult, DeNA, Hanshin, and Chunichi, and three Pacific League teams: Lotte (Ishigaki Island), Rakuten, and Nippon-Ham. Giants, Hiroshima, Orix, and Softbank will […]

Don’t make it a bad memory … Director Lotte Iguchi, who announced his resignation in the final race, reprinted two issues that shone intensely-Masterpiece Selection: Nikkan Sports Premium

Don’t make it a bad memory… Lotte Iguchi, who announced her resignation in the last game, reprinted two titles that shone intensely Lotte Director Iguchi, who announced his retirement, walks around the ZOZO Marine location while the famous song “Don’t Look Back in Anger” by the British rock band Oasis plays, and you can’t help […]