Open the first look “Ingfah Waraha” walks to show the zodiac sign as a queen

Fans of the beauty queen, including the news team Kom Chad Luek Entertainment still clinging to the edge of the stage Miss Grand International 2022 From the beginning until now, the judging round will start at 19:00 today (25 October 2022) at the Sentul International Convention Center in Jakarta, Indonesia. before going to start the […]

Nawat opens her heart after clearing Ingfah, Miss Grand Thailand 2022

Yesterday, the first time I met Ingfah, we talked. Are you okay with the deal? Nawat : Okay, this is the deal on the table to continue our journey. Today I will manage the younger brother directly. For example, this morning the secretary took him to the hospital. After the hospital, I must know. She […]

Listen to Nguyen Tui Tien, winner of Miss Grand Inter 2021, answer questions.

Miss Nguyen Tuk Thuy Tien Miss Grand International 2021 contestant from Vietnam Won the first prize of the contest on the aforementioned stage on Saturday (December 4). This beauty queen’s answer to the questions in the last 5 rounds out some interesting issues related to the COVID-19 epidemic. and international politics Therefore, it is believed […]