Go to “The Initially Ecological Village beneath Saihanba”: afforestation of “Peculiar Rock Valley” modeling pine to make prosperity_Hariha_Village_Pine Tree

First title: Browsing “The Initial Ecological Village below Saihanba”: “Peculiar Rock Valley” Modeling Pine Afforestation Produces Wealth China News Services, Chengde, August 13th, title: Viewing “The Initial Ecological Village less than Saihanba”: “Bizarre Rock Valley” model pine afforestation to develop wealth Donning a solar hat, Ning Junling, a villager in Hariha Village, Weichang Manchu-Mongolian Autonomous […]

In 2022, the “shame” of the construction industry is released, and the hot eye shape will scare off all netizens.

Original title: In 2022, the “shame” of the construction industry is released, and the hot-eyed shape scares off all netizens: Don’t offend the designer! Author: Puxiang Industrial Design Station ‘Ugly buildings’ have been around every year, have you seen this year’s? Recently, a Facebook post“2022 Shame on Architecture”listIt sparked heated discussions among netizens, “This is […]

Meng Jia responded to the controversy over stage styling, saying that she would seriously consider styling and lose weight._Question_Netizen_Tanjian

Original title: Meng Jia responded to the stage modeling controversy and said that he would seriously consider the shape and lose weight The stage modeling of Meng Jia’s “Browsing Eyes” aroused controversy Sohu Entertainment News Recently, Meng Jia and Tan Jianci collaborated on the variety show “Voice of God” to sing the song “Brows Flickering”. […]