Spinning KC stocks for 8 years, just got hit / Sunan Srichandra

Although it is a crime that has happened for 8 years, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is not blowing the case. Investigate and gather evidence until the KC Property Public Company Limited or KC share sharing gang can be charged, a total of 14 incomeThe people charged by the SEC include: Mr. Al Christie […]

The robbery gang did not survive MORE / Sunan Srichandra

Robbery operation broker Under stock trading concealment behavior, More Return Public Company Limited or MORE, the opening session or ATO session on November 10, 2022 has ended after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).) In announcing the prosecution of 18 gangs behind them The SEC filed a complaint against the Economic Crime Prevention Division (ACC) […]

MORE Shareholders Buried Alive / Sunan Srichandra

Stocks from More Return Public Company Limited or MORE are making new history in the stock market. As an all-time high stock, it has fallen to the floor by 30% or has been on the floor for 5 consecutive days. Since the maximum share price ceiling was adjusted from 10% to 30% around 1994, no […]

TH-MORE stocks take a hand into the abyss / Sunan Srichandra

Publication of the list of people whose assets have been frozen From the sale of 34 shares of More Return Public Company Limited or MORE by the Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO), seriously affecting the shares of Tong Hua Public Company Holding Company Limited or THBecause TH executives and subsidiaries are trapped in the group whose […]

Close Asia Wealth Securities..Slate BROKER RUN / Sunan Srichandra

An order to temporarily suspend business operations of Asia Wealth Securities Co, Ltd due to using the customer’s money in the amount of 157.99 million baht to pay for the purchase of shares with the clearing house without the customer’s consent until it can cause serious property damage’ the customer once again created a shock […]

The ECCC Commander-in-Chief moves on to find a BIGGER stock manipulator

due to the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) issuing a suspension of securities trading More Return Public Company Limited or MORE after finding an abnormality in stock trading Before coordinating the Crime Prevention Division on Economic Crimes (Bor.ECD) examine the buy-sell transactions of MORE securities that are large in the near term. it can be […]