Open the reason why “Mr. Naphat” is not dating “Baifern” as a girlfriend.

Latest guests of “Young Kanchai” in the list “Kanchai Talk Day” is a handsome boy “Mr. Napat” And of course, the last time “boy” ever asked “Baifern Pimchanok”It’s already about love and couple trends. At this event, the young man asked to be a representative of the village and asked. “Mr”saying “why not dating”fern leavesI’m […]

“Nai Naphat” moves to defeat the love knot after “Pat” pretends to be single

A little embarrassed, but I have adjusted my understanding. It can be said that the fans have to keep updating day-to-day according to the strong mother of one child. “Pat Napapha Tantrakul” Let’s just say that For the relationship status between the person and the police officer’s sweetheart “Mr. Napat Chaiprapha” In the past few […]

Pat Napapha is happy with a young policeman, Mr. Naphat. Happy today is ok.

After the actress Pat Napapha has revealed that she is now in a relationship with a young police officer, Police Lieutenant Colonel Naphat Chaiprapha. Love with a young policeman, referred to as saying Pat revealed that honestly, if you ask from the heart, you don’t want to open it. But my son (Nong Racing) opened […]

Pat Napapha with police boyfriend Sweet for a sweet dinner!

Pat Napapha Tantrakul with police fans Police Lieutenant Napat Chaiprapha Sweet for a luscious dinner in the midst of a romantic night atmosphere Pat Napapha with police boyfriend Sweet for a sweet dinner! Since the launch that they are in love with each other Strong Mother Pat Napapha Goes forward sweetly with the police officer’s […]