Russia’s space program is in ‘serious crisis’ |

The fact that there were three leaks within a few years “suggests a general decline in Russia’s civilian space program,” McClintock said. RussianSpaceWeb’s Zak notes that micrometeor impacts in orbit around the Earth are extremely rare. Zak believes that the probability of a meteorite damaging the cooling systems of two spacecraft in such a short […]

A NASA project to classify clouds by means of crowdsourcing to examine temperature styles on Mars is underway |

Planetary scientist Marek Slipsky, a postdoctoral fellow at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), invested additional of late 2020 in entrance of a computer than he expected. He was wanting by impression right after picture of the Martian ambiance, zooming in, changing contrast, expanding brightness, changing shade, wanting for “clouds.” We wrote our very own algorithms, […]