Should we put a ‘Scudetto’ on Kim Min-jae’s outfit? 77% chance of winning

[골닷컴] Reporter Kang Dong-hun = Napoli is more likely to win the “Scudetto” (the shield pattern attached to the middle of the uniform by the Italian Serie A champions next season) after 33 years. The game rose with 6 points, and the chance of winning to 77% when the victory was played against Juventus, which […]

Napoli’s solo secret? Record win away from home against a strong team

[골닷컴] Reporter Park Moon-soo = The keyword at the start of this season in Serie A is Napoli. The point to note is the away score. This season, Napoli have been operating a singular system by winning every away game against strong teams. From the 13th round, Napoli’s record is 11 wins and 2 draws. […]

Kim Min-jae’s wife’s car stolen in Naples… local police investigation

The local media reported that the car owned by the wife of Min-jae Kim, who plays for Napoli in Serie A, Italy, was stolen. The sports media Corriere dello Sport and the Napoli daily Ilmartino reported that the police are investigating the disappearance of a small car owned by the wife of Kim Min-jae, which […]