“Petch-Mild” with a couple wearing Thai dresses, beautiful-handsome, like a pre-wedding photoshoot made many people misunderstand

The wedding waits for “Petch Thakrit” to hold his girlfriend’s arm, “Mind Tarika”, wearing a beautiful-handsome Thai dress, like a pre-wedding photoshoot. Made many people misunderstand. The parade is very happy. Even “Nun Ramida” is still fascinated by the comments. is another entertainer couple who have planted love trees together in a simple, not flashy […]

“Pupae-Kesarin” invites you to follow “Rang Rak Prangjai” intensely

“Pupae-Kesarin” invites you to follow “Rang Rak Prangjai” intensely Come back on the screen, Channel 7HD, immediately, the intensity of the romantic drama – investigative story “Rang Rak Prang Jai” immediately grabbed the hearts of fans of the drama. Because the story is continually intense with the mystery of the murder case This event makes […]

widespread!! Got it, 5 princes of the Deva Phrom Palace

A new chapter of the legend is about to emerge…spanning!! Got it, 5 princes of the Deva Phrom Palace This set is perfect. Still another legend of Thai drama that has brought success to the creator. And bring a famous reputation to all actors until now that it is for the most gentle period drama […]

“Nai Naphat” moves to defeat the love knot after “Pat” pretends to be single

A little embarrassed, but I have adjusted my understanding. It can be said that the fans have to keep updating day-to-day according to the strong mother of one child. “Pat Napapha Tantrakul” Let’s just say that For the relationship status between the person and the police officer’s sweetheart “Mr. Napat Chaiprapha” In the past few […]

Does this caption have any implications or is “Bank – Phimtha” starting together?

This caption has a meaning or is “Bank Thiti – Phimtha Thanida” starting together? Earlier there were rumors that “Pimtha Thanida Manalertruangkul” with “Bank Thiti Mahayotharak” looking for each other The couple had the opportunity to work together for a while, and then suddenly the relationship between Bank and his ex-boyfriend ended. Play for many […]