Karadai gave a signal from Kardjali. Powerful support for Errol Muemun

With the management of the DPS in the municipality of Kardzhali, we are implementing the Bulgarian ethnic model, the architect of which is Dr. Ahmed Dogan. A model based on the philosophy of tolerance and togetherness. This was stated at a pre-election meeting in Kardzhali by the chairman of the DPS, Mustafa Karadai. It was […]

Today is their birthday

Bedo Doganyan, Chairman of the Synergon Holding Supervisory Board Valentin Simov, political scientist Desislava Atanasova, politician from GERB Mitko Sabev, businessman Rumen Guninski, mayor of Pravets Zahari Sirakov, former football player, coach Dr. Ludmil Getsov, chief

Scourge! Romanian pickpockets drove people crazy by the sea

Romanian pickpockets have driven people by the sea crazy. Vacationers sizzled with them during the season. It turns out that some of them remained in the territory of the Burgas region after the end of the season and committed robberies. In just hours, the thieves from our northern neighbor robbed an elderly man and a […]

Kornelia Ninova: BSP will support the vote of no confidence

BSP will participate in the vote of no confidence requested by the “Vazrazhdane” party. This was announced by Cornelia Ninova. He attacks the policy of the cabinet in the “Energy” sector. “We will add more reasons to outline the overall picture of the problems in energy. We are giving our signatures and the vote will […]

Shock at Old Traford! Galatasaray deal with Man United

Manchester United lost to Galatasaray 2:3 at home in a Champions League group stage match. The decline for the “red devils” continues, and today Erik ten Hag’s team even led twice, but the outsiders from Turkey showed will and grabbed the three points. Rasmus Hoylund opened the scoring with a fine header in the 17th […]

The NRA made a decision! It affects a lot of people

Important announcement of the NRA related to key payments for people. The new bank accounts have been published on the website of the National Revenue Agency, through which payments to the revenue agency will be made from October 2. When ordering sums to the closed accounts after this date, the servicing bank will return the […]

Gala’s daughter silenced everyone. The big surprise

Since successfully appearing as an influencer through social networks, Gala’s daughter – Marie Budeva is no less famous than her mother. She is followed by thousands of young Bulgarians who regularly comment on her posts. But Marie’s unexpected silence on Instagram (for nearly 2 months) seriously worried them and raised many questions. Fans of the […]

Bad news! Favorite presenter with health problems

Despite her health problems, the host of “Na Kafe” on NOVA is an exceptional professional and remains unchanged in the eyes of the public. On Thursday morning, however, she admitted that she was not in shape, explaining that she “fell asleep” and handed over the charge to her beloved colleague Darko Angelov. While Darko had […]

The noose tightens. Georgi Semerdzhiev is on trial again

The Sofia Court of Appeal is hearing today at the second instance the case against Georgi Semerdzhiev, who caused the accident on the capital’s Cherni Vrah Blvd. and ran over two young women on the spot. Semerdzhiev is on trial for causing the death of two people on a sidewalk while driving a car at […]

Denkov to American business: The Cabinet is stable

The cabinet is more stable than it appears in the media in a pre-election situation. We will face interests, but we will place them within certain frameworks. The great majority in the National Assembly and the great majority of the Bulgarian people support the government and I am sure that we can realize the common […]