The Land of Opportunity Opened by Biosimilars… K-Bio Pridd

As domestic biosimilar companies stand out in the global market, expectations are rising as to whether they will be able to become a stepping stone for the revitalization of K-Bio. Experts are also paying attention to the value of biosimilars as an element of the bio-industry ecosystem beyond cost savings and benefits for patients. As […]

Genome & Company appoints Hong Yoo-seok, former CEO of GSK

Hong Yoo-seok, the new general manager of Genome & Company Genome & Company, a new microbiome-based drug development company, announced on the 8th that it has appointed Yoo-seok Hong as its general representative. Genome & Company plans to go through the process of appointing Hong Yoo-seok as the new CEO through the regular meeting of […]

Biosimilars are the future power of K-Bio… take your chance now

As financial savings and patient benefits, such as health insurance, emerge as major issues domestically and globally, biosimilars that have the same effect as the original and are cheaper are expanding their presence. In addition, a flood of biosimilars is predicted due to the expiration of patents for major treatments, and endless competition in the […]

AstraZeneca Korea appoints executive director Lim Jae-yoon as head of medical division

AstraZeneca Korea Medicine Department Executive Director Jaeyoon Lim AstraZeneca Korea announced on the 4th that it has appointed Lim Jae-yoon (Country Medical Director) to oversee the medical department. Lim Jae-yoon, Executive Director of the Medical Department of AstraZeneca Korea, joined the Medical Department of AstraZeneca Korea as Oncology therapeutic area Leader in 2019 and contributed […]

The use of saw palmetto drug which is known for urinary dryness is increasing

Amidst the recent trend of increasing patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia due to the aging population, the related treatment market is also exciting. Among them, ‘Saw Palmetto Extract (Serenoa repens)’ is attracting attention again. In the clinical field, it has already been recognized for its therapeutic effect in Europe, etc. According to the pharmaceutical industry […]

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety temporarily suspends the manufacture, sale and use of Dong-A Pharmaceutical Champ Syrup

As a result of the collection and inspection of Dong-A Pharmaceutical’s ‘Champ Syrup (acetaminophen)’, which had a browning phenomenon, two batch numbers were deemed unsuitable. The Food and Drug Safety Administration converted the item to a ‘forced recall’ and took measures to ‘voluntarily recall’ the remaining manufacturing numbers. On the 25th, the Ministry of Food […]

Confirmation of the preventive effect of Dong-A ST Suganon on diabetic cardiomyopathy

Dong-A ST confirmed the preventive effect of diabetic cardiomyopathy Suganon (Evogliptin), a new drug for the treatment of diabetes from the DPP-4 inhibitor class, published in the international journal ‘Experimental & Molecular Medicine’ published on the 25th. Donga ST Suganon product photo. This study was conducted by a joint research team including Professor Won Jong-cheol […]

One knight regeneration omega 3… High doses of 4 gy per day are recommended.

The Korean Lipid Arteriosclerosis Association emphasized the benefits of using omega 3 by publishing a revised guideline for the treatment of dyslipidemia. The Korean Society of Lipid and Arteriosclerosis (KSoLA) subdivided the use of omega 3 into the use of ‘high dose and refined ingredients’ by revealing the full version of the 5th edition of […]

Samyang Holdings signed a partnership with LG Chem to develop new anti-cancer drugs

Samyang Holdings and LG Chem announced on the 20th that they signed a strategic partnership agreement to apply Samyang Holdings’ independent drug delivery technology to the development of mRNA-based anti-cancer drugs. Samyang Holdings CEO Lee Yeong-joon (left) and LG Chem Life Science Business Director Son Ji-woong take a commemorative photo after the technology transfer contract […]