Stop by the pump! Tomorrow, the oil will go up, the benzene – gasohol group will be adjusted 50 satang, except E85, up 30 satang.

“oil price tomorrow” company PTT Oil and Retailing Public Company Limited or OR and company Bangchak Corporation Limited announcedraise oil pricesin grouppetrol–gasohol 50 satang / liter, except E85, increased by 30 satang / liter, while diesel in the diesel group remains the same price, effective tomorrow (8 June 2022) from 05:00 onwards. For retail oil […]

Tomorrow the oil will go up! Gasoline, gasohol 80 satang/liter

“Tomorrow Oil Price” company PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited (OR) announced an increase in gasoline prices. Price hike 80 satang/liter and gasoline, gasohol E85, the price has been increased by 50 satang / liter, while the price of diesel in the diesel group remains the same, effective May 7, 2022 from 5:00 […]

Check the price of “oil” in 2022, how much has been accumulated?

Enter the year 2022, only 2 months. How many baht has the “oil price” adjusted up and accumulated? Amid the critics that Thailand has entered the “expensive oil” era current “oil price” in the countryThai continued to rise especially the oil price grouppetrolandgasohol atstill not being cared for by the governmentlike the oil groupdiesel which […]