Studies show that covid increases the risk of mental health problems – COVID19

A study by Oregon State University in the United States found that patients were more likely to develop psychological problems months after being exposed to the covid infection. Researchers have found that people with covia are 25 percent more likely to develop mental illness four months after exposure than those with other respiratory infections. The […]

Solve the question “why are some people close to covid patients” but not infected?

Medical Genome Center cooperate with “international researcher” decoding the genetic code of infected people in the whole genome (23 pairs of chromosomes, 25,000 genes from 3 billion bases) to solve the problem. Along with decoding the entire genome of the 2019 coronavirus (30,000 bases), past research shows that people infected with virtually all types of […]

covid o micron “Re-infected with covid” is the symptom severe? How far is it not dangerous?

Recently, the Social Marketing Thaihealth by Thai Healthcare page has provided interesting information about there-infected with covid It states that re-infection with coronavirus means a patient who has recovered from infection. but later re-infected Most of the symptoms are mild. Omikron found re-infection 3-6 times higher than Delta. Cause of recurrence of covid 1. Usually […]

“Omicron” is close to the flu, but if you see symptoms like this, even if the result is negative in 48 hours, see a doctor immediately.

Dr. Somsak Ankasilp, Director-GeneralDepartment of Medical ServicesRevealed that the symptoms of the current covid patients are species. “Omicron” or “Omicron” Most of the time, 50% are asymptomatic, while those who have symptoms are divided into Cough and sore throat 50% Fatigue, fever 30-40% liquid transfusion 10% The symptoms of covid are similar to the flu. […]