I don’t drink, but I’m diagnosed with fatty liver… Beware of ‘skinny obesity’

[이데일리 이순용 기자] People who like to drink often worry about ‘alcoholic fatty liver’. Alcoholic fatty liver disease occurs more frequently the more alcohol is consumed. However, recently, more and more people are worried about fatty liver even though they do not enjoy alcohol. A normal liver contains less than 5% fat. A condition where […]

Lee Ji-hyun jewelry, wedding next month Here Young blessing… “Baby Bride”

[이데일리 김미경 기자] Lee Ji-hyun, who worked with the Jewelry group, showed their friendship by blessing Seo In-young’s wedding before her wedding in February. Lee Ji-hyun posted a photo on Instagram on the 22nd, saying, “The most baby-like bride in the world.” Looking at the photos posted on the day, Seo In-young and Lee Ji-hyun’s […]

“Holiday sets are sold, not received”… new wind speed holidays

[이데일리 황병서 기자] “I don’t write it and put it out. I only opened the box, but is there anyone who can take it cheap?” Mr Yoon, an office worker in his 30s, presented a set of daily necessities such as toothpaste and shampoo received by the company as a gift for the Lunar New […]

Obesity leads to chronic diseases as well as impotence.

[이데일리 이순용 기자] It is an existence that adversely affects health to the extent that there is a saying, “Obesity is the root of all disease.” Recently, as the incidence of obesity increases in Korea, the incidence of chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure as well as diseases related to sexual function […]

I signed a flat sale contract, can I cancel it?[똑똑한 부동산]

[법무법인 심목 김예림 대표변호사] The real estate market froze. According to recent statistics, there are 60,000 unsold homes. In the case of Dunchon Jugong Reconstruction or Jangwi District 4 Redevelopment, which was sold in a general sale not long ago, 30 to 40% of the subscription winners abandoned the sales contract. An apartment complex in […]

More than 1 in 4 postmenopausal women have abdominal obesity

[이데일리 이순용 기자] More than 1 in 4 postmenopausal women have been found to have abdominal obesity. The rate of strength training and aerobic exercise after menopause was less than 10%. According to the Korea Food Communication Forum on the 20th, Chung-Ang University’s Department of Physical Education Professor Jeong In-kyung’s team analyzed the status of […]