Entrusted to process and produce real biological new crown oral drug Azvudine tablets, China Resources Shuanghe daily limit_Oriental Fortune Net

May 9,China Resources ShuangheAt the opening daily limit, the stock price was reported at 30.16 yuan per share, with nearly 700,000 orders. On the news, the company yesterday eveningannouncementsigned the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” and the “Framework Agreement for the Entrusted Processing and Production of Azvudine Tablets” with Real Bio, and was entrusted with the processing […]

Kintor Pharmaceuticals Announces Phase III Clinical Results of New Crown Oral Drugs, Shares Up 106.37%_Drug_Virus_Antibody

Original title: Kintor Pharmaceuticals announced the clinical results of the new crown oral drug Phase III, the stock price rose 106.37% Beijing News (Reporter Liu Xu) On April 6, the Hong Kong-listed company Kintor Pharmaceutical announced the clinical data of new crown oral drugs. Prokalutamide is effective in reducing hospitalization/mortality.Today, the opening of Kintor Pharmaceuticals […]

Sohu Pharma | Fosun and MPP signed an agreement to imitate Pfizer’s new crown oral drug!Supply to 95 countries_5 Chinese companies approved to imitate new crown oral drug ingredients_Matevir_Drugs

Original title: Sohu Pharma | Fosun and MPP signed an agreement to imitate the production of Pfizer’s new crown oral drug!Serves 95 countries On March 18, Shanghai Fosun Pharma (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fosun Pharma) announced that its holding subsidiary Shanghai Fosun Pharma Industry Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fosun […]

Pfizer’s new crown oral drug was approved with conditions for the new crown drug concept, and many stocks such as Chengda Pharmaceutical broke the daily limit jqknews

byPfizerThe news of the conditional approval of the new crown oral drug was boosted, and the concept of the new crown drug broke out on the 14th. As of press time,Chengda Pharmaceutical、Masamoto Chemistry、Porton sharesWait for the “20cm” daily limit,Tuoxin Pharmaceuticalrose more than 14%,Shanghai Kaibao、Junshi Biologyrose about 13%,Pinnacle Group、Essence Pharma“10cm” daily limit,Star Lake Technology、Hanyu Pharmaceuticalrose more […]

Kaipu Bio: The company has no new crown oral drugs, injection drugs, special drug R&D, sales, and agency processes_ Oriental Fortune Network

Every time we pass the AI ​​Express, some investors ask questions on the investor interaction platform: Does the company have drug research and development, or export business? Are there new development, sales, and agency processes for new crown oral drugs, injection drugs, and special drugs?   Cap Bio(300639.SZ) said on the investor interaction platform on January […]