Why did the “shout” happen during the game? | Full Account

During the match, Clark International manager Sasaki shouted at the opponent, “How long are you going to keep shouting?” The third day of the “53rd Meiji Jingu Baseball Tournament” held on the 20th. Osaka Toin (Osaka), aiming for the first ever “win in a row at Jinu”, defeated Clark International (Hokkaido) in the 6th inning, […]

Talking of Osaka Toin, the normal of the defeated army … “Awesomeness” is highlighted “Dominate” “I do not thoughts attacking” | Whole Account

Osaka Toin defeats Asahikawa College, Seibou Gakuen, and Nishogakusha College to progress to the prime 8 The finals of the 104th Countrywide Substantial University Baseball Championship will be held on the 18th. Osaka Toin (Osaka), who are aiming for their third straight spring/summertime get for the very first time in historical past, are attracting the […]

“Fujinami vs Otani” 10 years after the legendary match … Behind the scenes of “Defeating the Hard Arms” revealed by the former captain of Osaka Toin | Full-Count

“Otani measures” directed by Nishitani “Aim for the best straight ball and crush it” The 94th Selected High School Baseball Tournament, which announces spring, will finally begin on March 18. It was Osaka Toin who got the “Bluish-purple championship flag” at the tournament 10 years ago. The match against Hanamaki Higashi, who has Shohei Ohtani […]

Former professional baseball player who earned 1.3 billion during his active career, sticking to “money” Simple thinking of a man who became a popular YouTuber (1/3) | JBpress

Simple thinking of a man who became a popular YouTuber Tomoya Satozaki, who was also active as a representative of Japan such as the 1st WBC and the Beijing Olympics (Photo: Afro) Go to gallery page Most of the professional baseball and off-season tradition of “contract renewal” is over. For baseball players, annual salary is […]