Expansion pack “Families and Outcasts” that introduces Badlands to “Gangs of Night City” announced «doope! Domestic and overseas game information site

CMON’s “Cyberpunk 2077” official board game “Cyberpunk 2077: Gangs of Night City”, which recently launched the Kickstarter campaign and cleared an initial goal of $ 100,000 in just a few hours from the start, has already paid $ 340,000. CMON has announced a new paid expansion pack “Families and Outcasts” while the attention is focused […]

The gameplay video of the Cthulhu-based Metroidvania “The Last Case of Benedict Fox”, which explores the mystery of the mansion where murders and disappearances occurred, will be unveiled next spring «doope! Domestic and overseas game information sites

“The Last Case of Benedict Fox” was announced as a new work by Polish indie developer Plot Twist known for the Drift Zone series and Tacticool Champs at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 broadcast the other day, but CD PROJEKT RED and Techland , With expectations for the next work of the studio […]

Eric Barone announces 1.6 update of “Stardew Valley” including new content «doope! Domestic and foreign game information site

The other day, “Stardew Valley” introduced the follow-up report of the mobile version 1.5 update, but while attention is focused on the trend and progress of the next work “Haunted Chocolatier” currently under development, Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone Responded to fans’ questions and revealed that they are developing a 1.6 update for “Stardew Valley”. At the […]

The sequel “A Plague Tale: Requiem”, which depicts a new battle between siblings chased by a flock of mice, black death, and inquisition, will be released on October 18, 2022 «doope! Domestic and overseas game information site

The sequel to “A Plague Tale: Innocence”, where a new gameplay trailer was unveiled the other day, “A Plague Tale: Requiem”, but the long-awaited release date was announced in the showcase distribution of this work that started broadcasting earlier. , Xbox Series X | S including Xbox Game Pass and overseas launch for PC, PS5, […]

The third DLC “Melting the Chain” of “Wonderlands-Tiny Tina and the Magic World” has been announced, and the release date of the Steam PC version has also been decided. «Doope! Domestic and overseas game information site

The second DLC “Kuishinbo! Condemnation” was released in late May, and various mini-events were underway for “Wonderlands-Tiny Tina and the Magic World”, but Gearbox is now official in Japan and overseas. Updated the site and announced the 3rd DLC “Melting the Chain”. It has been revealed that the delivery is scheduled to start on June […]

Digital Foundry has released a technical analysis video of the expected work “Starfield”, with some interesting details «doope! Domestic and foreign game information site

Bethesda Game Studios’ expected work “Starfield”, which introduced a lot of details revealed from the gameplay video the other day and interview information of Mr. Todd Howard, is a new analysis video focusing on the technical side of the video unveiled by Digital Foundry. publish. Some details have been talked about. Analysis video of “Starfield” […]

“Core Keeper”‘s first large-scale content update “The Sunken Sea” is delivered, and the long-awaited Japanese support is also available «doope! Domestic and overseas game information site

The other day, “Core Keeper”‘s first large-scale content update “The Sunken Sea” was decided to be delivered on June 15, 2022, but the latest update has started to be delivered as scheduled last night, and it is available in Japanese. A Japanese patch note that summarizes the details of new elements and changes has appeared. […]