regular exercise… Improve health by strengthening immunity

▶ Proof of vaccine-like effect, maximum effect in 150 minutes per week ▶ Avoid excessive exercise such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease During cold and flu season, the best way to stay healthy is to stay physically active. The correlation between regular exercise and better immune defense against disease, long considered folk wisdom, is […]

A man in his 30s who ran away after fouling a taxi… When I asked why, he said

[이데일리 김민정 기자] A taxi driver shocked everyone by revealing his experience that a passenger ran away after soiling himself in the back seat. In MBN’s ‘The World We Didn’t Know-The Truth World’, broadcast for the first time on the 27th, the stories of taxi drivers and passengers were presented. (Photo = MBN ‘The World […]

Endometrial cancer, steep rise among female cancers “Early detection is important”

[이데일리 이순용 기자] February 4 every year is ‘World Cancer Day’ established by the International Cancer Prevention Alliance in 2005 to raise awareness of cancer and help cancer patients. Ewha Womans University Women’s Cancer Hospital (Principal Byung-in Moon) emphasized endometrial cancer care on the occasion of ‘World Cancer Day’. Professor Kim Mi-gyeong from the Department […]

Drinking coffee in patients with chronic hepatitis B reduces the risk of liver fibrosis

[이데일리 이순용 기자] A French study found that drinking coffee in patients with chronic hepatitis B can reduce the risk of developing liver fibrosis. Among patients diagnosed with hepatitis B and receiving treatment, the liver fibrosis index of coffee lovers decreased by 51%. According to the Korean Food Communication Forum on the 30th, a research […]

Early diagnosis of cancer before it starts… The development of the world’s first ‘millionth of a second’ capture microscope

[앵커]Current medical equipment can only diagnose cancer when human tissue is transformed using CT or MRI. A thousandth of a second is called a ‘femtosecond’, and domestic researchers are expected to develop a femtosecond microscope using a semiconductor light emitting device, enabling early diagnosis before cancer begins. This is the report of reporter Kim Dal-ho. […]