The next pandemic in the UK?… A corona-like virus found in bats in Britain

9 viruses were found in faecal samples from 16 species of batsExperts “British bats harbor corona-like virus” A Corona-like virus has been found in bats native to England. Scientists say “only a few mutations can attack people”. ↑ Bats/Photo = Yonhap News Experts have warned that bats in Britain are harboring a coronavirus-like virus that […]

Sony is starting pre-orders for Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores

[이데일리 김정유 기자] Sony Interactive Entertainment announced on the 24th that it has started pre-orders for ‘Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores’, which is due to be released exclusively on the PlayStation 5 (PS5) on the 19th of the month next. In this expansion, the main character, Alroy, ventures into the volcanic region of Los Angeles, […]

Orange D, ‘The Devil Wants to Die’ animation webman released

[이데일리 김정유 기자] Liddy announced on the 24th that his subsidiary, Orange D, will release the webman animation ‘The Devil Wants to Die’ through Raftel. The web man ‘The Devil Wants to Die’ is a work about the sweet and bloody romance of a demon king who wants to end his life without any desire […]

5-10% of all cancers from ‘hereditary cancer’… need genetic testing

▶ Lee Soo-hyun, professor of oncology and hematology at Korea University Anam Hospital Lee Soo-hyun, professor of oncology and hematology at Korea University Anam Hospital, said, “With the development of gene mutation diagnosis methods, the diagnosis rate of ‘hereditary cancer’, which accounts for 10-15% of all cancers, is increasing. .” [고려대 안암병원 제공] The disease […]

Effective treatment of severe heart failure with ‘left ventricular assist device’

[이데일리 이순용 기자] Heart failure is a disease where the heart cannot supply enough blood to the whole body, and when heart failure develops, it is a frightening disease that leads to death due to a reduction in the heart’s function. Recently, in Korea, left ventricular assist device (LVAD) treatment, which helps supply blood to […]