Kim Ki-hyeon, the official schedule begins with a visit to the National Cemetery

Representative Kim Ki-hyun, who was elected as a representative of the People’s Power Party, waves the party’s flag at the 3rd party convention held at KINTEX, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 8th. Minkyu Park Senior Reporter On the 9th, People’s Power representative Ki-hyun Kim kicks off the official schedule with a visit to the Seoul National […]

與 “The Democratic Party, truth and reconciliation vetoed personnel…revenge for the movement to resign from the motherland”

On the 26th, the people’s power said, “The fact that the Democratic Party refused to elect a member of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee (Truth and Reconciliation Committee) to Professor Lee Je-bong of Ulsan University, recommended by the judgment. and the opposition parties, taking revenge for the ‘movement to leave the motherland’ in the past.” […]

Stack of veto power notices – Has the political world frozen any more?

◀ Anchor ▶ President Seok-Yeol Yoon announced that he would veto any bill passed without an agreement between the ruling and opposition parties. At the moment, not only the Yellow Envelope Act, but also controversial bills such as the Grain Control Act and the Nursing Act are intended to be brought to plenary one after […]

Suspicion of ‘KTX Kim Ki-hyun’s guess’ at-bat ‥ “Can’t judge Daejang-dong” vs. “Fake news, DNA of the Democratic Party”

Gwangju Jeonbuk Jeonnam Joint Speech Candidates Ki-Hyun Kim and Cheol-Soo Ahn, the People’s Power party runners-up, fought over the suspicion of ‘real estate speculation’ by Candidate Kim. At the joint speech held at the Kim Dae-jung Convention Center in Gwangju this afternoon, Candidate Chul-soo Ahn opened fire first, saying, “Candidate Ki-hyun Kim failed to answer […]

Passing the so-called ‘Yellow Envelope Act’ led by the opposition… “Special high school and sub-contract workers can also strike against ’employers'”

Scope of dispute, dispute of interest → dispute of rights… “The right to negotiate with the real boss” The first step in limiting damages against the union… Eliminating liability for warranty of identity The Democratic Party decides to promote direct referral to the full meeting when there is a delay in the judiciary committee Kim […]