Joo Ho-young “Chu Gyeong, absurd claim .. intended to divert public attention”

People Power Joo Ho-young, floor leader [자료사진] People’s Power Joo Ho-young, the floor leader, rejected the Democratic Party’s request for an additional budget as a “ridiculous claim.” Representative Joo said at a hospital countermeasures meeting held at the National Assembly this morning, “It is not enough to give more than 1,000 trillion won in debt […]

First Lady Kim Kun-hee, Women’s Power of the People’s Dinner

First Lady Kim Kun-hee at the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi President Yoon Seok-yeol’s wife, Kim Kun-hee, had lunch with 10 women lawmakers of the people’s power at the official residence in Hannam-dong, Seoul. According to multiple attendees, Mrs Kim had lunch with female lawmakers for about two hours from around 12:00 noon today and […]