The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety approved Welt ‘WELT-I’ as the second digital manipulation device in Korea

[메디칼업저버 손형민 기자] Insomnia cognitive treatment software Welt ‘WELT-I’ was selected as the second digital treatment device in Korea. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety approved Welt’s cognitive treatment software ‘WELT-I’ as the second domestic digital treatment device on the 19th. WELT-I is a software medical device that implements ‘Insomnia Cognitive Behavioral Therapy’ as […]

Policy issued for election news collection, no motorcycle allowed

Kazi Habibul Awal Commission has issued guidelines for media workers in collecting election news. At least 8 months before the twelfth parliamentary elections, these ‘journalistic policies’ were finalized for national and local elections. On Wednesday (April 12), the assistant director of EC’s public relations department said. This policy signed by Ashadul Haque was issued. According […]

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety’s bio policy this year is ‘tailored regulation’ and ‘establishing a safety net’

Kwon Tae-geun, secretary of the Biopharmaceutical Policy Division, explains the plan to promote major policies in the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety’s biopharmaceutical sector this year at the ‘Biopharmaceutical Policy/Permit Review/Quality Briefing’ held at the ‘ 2023’. Mutual Building Aid Society in Seoul on the 27th. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety is […]

Nabota, Oceania Mayor Banner… Received product license in Australia

Daewoong Pharmaceutical Nabota’s botulinum toxin has planted its first flag in the Oceanisa market. Having approved the product in Australia, one of the world’s top 10 markets, the company plans to proceed with approval and release in major markets such as China in the future. Daewoong Pharmaceutical (CEOs Jeon Seung-ho and Lee Chang-jae) announced on […]

Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Novavax Corona 19 Vaccine License Review Begins

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety announced that SK Bioscience applied for a manufacturing and sales license for the U.S. Novavax Corona 19 vaccine today (15th) and started the review. This vaccine is a recombinant protein vaccine that produces antibodies by injecting the coronavirus antigen protein into the body. It is characterized by a […]

‘Go inside and hug Auntie; Baby to airport employee – video | Little girl | Permission | Airport security | Aunt | Hug | Viral Video | Kids Club | Child prodigy | Children News | Kids Club | Kids News | Toddler News | Malayala Manorama | Manorama Online

The baby asked permission from the airport staff to hug his aunt once again as he was leaving. The heartwarming video has now been viewed by millions. Reports indicate that the incident took place at the Hamad International Airport in Qatar. The baby first asked the staff’s permission to see Auntie. The officer entered the […]