Sad comedy “Den Dok Pradu” died peacefully.

This morning, sad news in the entertainment industry “Yong invites smiling” posted a message through his personal Facebook page. Sad news “Den Dok Pradu” died peacefully Real name is Banpot Weerarat of Den Dokpradu. He is a contemporary comedian with De Dok Sadao, Do Dok Kradon and Dee Dokmadan. He used to perform with De […]

“Squirrel, please smile” answer the daughter’s question, it’s a real child. Or is it? – Covid has made a poisonous announcement for the sale of 17 million houses.

famous comedy Squirrel please smile that today, with a beautiful daughter with his wife Peach Pitchanya and two daughters Sister Chanol and Sister Alexandria For the first time through the hot talk show on Channel 31 that has Ning Panita and Chompoo before afternoon NSbeModerator Ready to clear each other clearly. Let’s go to the […]