5 Tips for Saying Goodbye to Dry Facial Skin

Dealing with Dry Facial Skin: Tips for Healthy and Moist Skin Are you a woman struggling with dry facial skin? Despite trying multiple methods, have you been unable to bid farewell to this persistent issue? Well, worry not, as we have some valuable tips for facial care that can help you combat dry skin problems […]

Analyzing the Math and Science Sections of the Upcoming Exam

Upcoming Year’s Examination Schedule Mathematics The Mathematics exam this year will consist of 28 questions, divided into two parts. The first part will contain approximately 12 questions, while the second part will have about 16 questions, including some unseen ones. It is recommended to tackle the first part as it is considered relatively easy, allowing […]

Top Toothpaste Brands for Optimal Oral Health: Our Personal Reviews and Recommendations

**Oral Health and Teeth: A Comprehensive Review of Toothpastes** **Introduction** In today’s article, we delve into the topic of oral health and teeth, specifically focusing on toothpastes. Many individuals are interested in reviewing and understanding the toothpaste they use and prefer. In this review, we have curated a selection of toothpastes that we have personally […]

Enroll Now in the Applied Artificial Intelligence and Smart Technology Course at Burapha University

Innovative Course on Applied Artificial Intelligence and Smart Technology Faculty of Information Science, Burapha University Attention, technology enthusiasts! The study application period for our cutting-edge Applied Artificial Intelligence and Smart Technology Course has commenced once again. If you are captivated by the remarkable capabilities of AI, which seems to track you at every move, and […]

Can NFE GPEX 3.0 be Used for Application?

Admissions Criteria at Prestigious University: Leveling the Playing Field In a bid to ensure fair and inclusive admissions, the esteemed institution has made a groundbreaking decision. Starting this academic year, the lowest grade acquired no longer plays a role in the application scoring process. This move is aimed at providing equitable opportunities to all candidates. […]

What Exams are Required for Computer Science at Thammasat University?

Thammasat University Introduces Computer Science Program: What Exams Must Students Take? In an exciting development, Thammasat University now offers a comprehensive computer science program. Aspiring students who wish to embark on this academic journey may wonder about the examinations they have to undertake. Allow us to shed light on this matter. The TCAS67 Exam: Gaining […]

Exploring the Possibility of Submitting Multiple Portfolios for Different Faculties

Can One Person Submit Multiple Portfolios for Different Faculties or Fields of Study? A question often pondered by prospective students is whether they can submit multiple portfolios for different faculties or fields of study. With the ever-expanding array of academic options available, this question arises as individuals explore their diverse interests and aspirations. Immersed in […]

Faculty of Education at Burapha University Accepting Applications for Vocational Certificate Holders to Continue Their Studies at Bachelor’s Level

Faculty of Education Invites Applications for Vocational Certificate Holders Apply from 7-14 September 2023 Are you a student who has recently completed a vocational certificate? If so, the Faculty of Education at Burapha University has great news for you. We are now accepting applications for degree level bachelor programs for the second semester of the […]