Council title 2022 “3 days to escape, 4 days to fall”, great words “The Prime Minister made a revolution” Tae MPs took the stars

The media nicknamed the council in 2022 “3 days to escape, 4 days to fail”, as for the senator “Por” brand, the words “make the prime minister revolution”, while “Mongkhonkit” grabbed the stars, no stars, good people, completely clean the council 4 double years parliamentary reporter jointly establish nicknames to reflect the duties of the […]

SAT VS NBTC scolding anyone, the problem of broadcasting the World Cup

‘Pravit Leesathapornwongsa’, former commissioner of the NBTC. Thorns tell many people Pursuing events The problem of broadcasting the World Cup live according to the memorandum Catching a lie for someone who is willing to be a tool like many people in society who sacrifice their dignity. spirit to get the Dominion position and money Prawit […]

Prawit shook his head, Captain Thammanat would join the National Democratic Party.

General Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister as the leader of Pracharat Palang Pracharat Party Talking about the current political situation, whether he will be able to deal with it or not and can it be well received The reporter asked After returning from abroad, have you had conversations with the Prime Minister and Minister of […]

“Prawit” ordered “HOW – NBTC” to solve road accidents. Increase penalties for repeat offenders, and drink driving

General Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister Chaired the meeting of the National Road Accident Prevention and Reduction Policy Committee. 2/2565 with provincial governors throughout the country in the meeting room of the Forest Conservation Organization in 5 provinces through electronic media The meeting acknowledged the progress of the review. Road Traffic Act (No. 13) BE […]