Open 10 richest countries with the most “billionaires” in the world in 2022

“Forbes” website Forbes Thailand has listed the most countriesprofitable havea billionaireThe biggest in the world in 2022, the 36th time, there are billionaires from 75 countries or territories from 6 continents.countrywith the largest number of billionaires in the world It has remained the number 1 country for a long time. But with the unstable situation […]

Designed by a popular Danish coffee roaster! “April Coffee Roasters” Seems |

As an official distributor, Kurasu will launch the new April Coffee Roasters items “April Glass Brewer” and “April Plastic Brewer” simultaneously from Friday, September 9th. Invented by a earth-class roaster Made by Patrick Rolfe of April Coffee Roasters, who distribute specialty espresso from Denmark about the entire world. It took a few many years to […]

Fed worries continue to pressure markets, SET Index closed down -9.49 points.

Thai stocks closed -9.49 points, the broker pointed out that concerns about the US Federal Reserve still pressure the market, causing the US bond yield to rise to 3.45% despite the presence of stocks from financial institutions to help support the market. But it doesn’t help much. Looking at the investment framework of tomorrow If […]