actress attack case have been discussed in Thrikkakara by election

File image Cochin: Actor and director says case against actress in Thrikkakara by-election should have been discussed. Lal’s answer to the question whether the case of attacking the actress during the election was dragged out unnecessarily. ‘This is not to say that the subject is unnecessary. That is the problem in the country. Plus or […]

Thrikkakara By-Election 2022 UDF Candidate uma thomas says that people who will lose their home will vote for her | Thrikkakara By-Election 2022: Uma Thomas says there will be a verdict in Thrikkakara against the situation where the poor go to bed

Cochin: Congress launches by-election campaign in Thrikkakara after candidate announcement Following the announcement of the High Command approving the decision of the state Congress leadership, Uma Thomas went to nearby houses with the Congress leaders in Ernakulam district and requested for votes. Uma Thomas said that for Thrikkakara, the task before him was to take […]

PT Thomas: P.T. Congress reimburses money spent on Thomas’ funeral

Opposition alleges that the corporation bought flowers worth Rs 1.27 lakh. The opposition also accused the corporation of massive corruption in connection with the funeral. Kochi, First Published Jan 22, 2022, 9:36 AM IST Kochi: P.T. The Congress has refunded the money spent by the Thrikkakara Municipal Corporation for the public viewing of PT Thomas. […]

Chief Minister and Ministers comfort the family | PT Thomas

Kakkanad. The long line of people who came to pay their last respects to PT Thomas proved that he was a man who kept his personal relationship intact even when he was criticizing his opponent through ideological struggle. All those who had to hear the healthy criticisms of PT’s ideological path came to bid farewell […]

Khadarita revolutionary, in love, life and attitude | PT Thomas | Uma Thomas

Khadarita was a revolutionary. PT THOMAS. He was a leader who, despite living as a loyal Congressman, was reluctant to accept even the party. PT has always been like that in life. From the time he joined KSU, PT’s movement has been firmly entrenched. His own love and marriage were similarly revolutionary. He fell in […]