Rainbow Six Siege World Tournament “Six Invitational 2023” grouping announcement, Japan CAG is the same group as BDS grand champion | EAA!! FPS news

Ubisoft’s “Rainbow Six Siege” will start the world tournament “Six Invitational 2023” from February 7. Towards the opening, the group of 20 participating teams was announced on February 1st. SI2023 finally opens This year’s Six Invitationals will feature the top 16 teams in the overall world rankings in 2022 and the four teams that won […]

Rainbow Six Siege: Y7S4 “Pre-Season Designer Notes” released, ALIBI site deleted 1.5 times / Modified to 5 weapons like AK-12 | EAA!!

Ubisoft’s “Rainbow Six Siege” will release the last season “Operation Solar Raid” from December 6th. Ahead of the update, “Pre-Season Designer Notes” have been released that describe operator modifications. Y7S4 Preseason Planner Notes Revealed Year 7 Season 4 (Y7S4) “Operation Solar Raid” begins on December 6th local time. A new Defense Operator, Solis, a new […]

Rainbow Six Siege: “Year 7 Season 4” Some New Content Confirmed, Cross Progress / New Competitive Maps / Ranked Game 2.0 And More

Year 7 Season 3 is underway in Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege. For the upcoming Year 7 Season 4 (Y7S4), some previously announced content has been confirmed for implementation. Roadmap update for Y7S4 The Y7S3 Mid-Season Roadmap has been updated! Became Y7S4 ???? Cross-Play and Cross-Sequence???? New Competitive Map???? Site 2.0???? Advanced Controller Options???? Rep Score […]