A key paper on Alzheimer’s disease was revealed to be suspected to be fake, and medical experts around the world may have been fooled for 16 years | T Kebang

The well-known academic journal “Science” recently revealed that the pictures of a key paper on Alzheimer’s disease published in another well-known journal “Nature” in 2006 were suspected of being fake, and the experimental results of the paper were tampered with. If it turns out to be true, it means that 16 years of research and […]

Guosheng Securities gives LONGi an overweight rating: shipments are expected to grow significantly, actively deploy new battery technology routes – yqqlm

GuoshengsecuritiesReleased on May 4 entitled “Shipment is expected to grow significantly, active layoutBatterynew technology routeResearch reportsay, giveLONGi(601012.SH, latest price: 67.96 yuan) Overweight rating.The reasons for the rating mainly include: 1) The shipment will increase rapidly in 2021, and the leading position will be stabilized; 2) The shipment volume of modules in 2022Q1 is slightly lower […]

Guohai Securities gave Hisense Video a buy rating for 2021A & 2022Q1 financial report comments. Recently, 2 securities research reports have paid attention to the target average price increase of 26.22% _ Oriental Fortune Network

Every time an AI alert is sent,Guohai SecuritiesPosted on May 5thResearch reportsay, giveHisense Video(600060.SH, latest price: 11.25 yuan) Buy rating. The reasons for the rating mainly include: 1) New display and new businesses are growing rapidly, and the globalization strategy is steadily advancing; 2) The improvement of quality and efficiency has been promoted, and the […]

Invic received a buy rating from Guohai Securities and recently received 3 securities research reports. The target average price rose by 24.81%_Oriental Fortune Network

  Guohai SecuritiesPosted on May 5thResearch reportsay, giveInvic(002837.SZ, latest price: 22.21 yuan) Buy rating.The reasons for the rating mainly include: 1) the rapid growth of the revenue of the computer room and cabinet business in 2021, and the outstanding performance of overseas revenue; 2) the short-term pressure on profitability, and it is expected to gradually recover […]

Southwest Securities gives CATL a hold rating, commenting on the first quarterly report of 2022, the upstream and downstream games are in full swing, and the cost side is under significant pressure – yqqlm

Every time an AI alert is sent,Southwest SecuritiesPosted on May 5thResearch reportsay, giveNingde era(300750.SZ, latest price: 409.35 yuan) Hold rating.The reasons for the rating mainly include: 1) Rising raw material prices and significant pressure on costs; 2) The company has begun to transmit costs to the downstream, and its profitability is expected to improve slightly […]

Soochow Securities gives North Huachuang an overweight rating: the performance continues to grow rapidly, the order is full and the profit level rises_Oriental Fortune Network

  Soochow SecuritiesPosted on May 4thResearch reportsay, giveNorth Huachuang(002371.SZ, latest price: 239 yuan) Overweight rating.The reasons for the rating mainly include: 1) BenefitsemiconductorThe equipment industry chain is highly prosperous, the companyperformanceSustained rapid growth; 2) Full orders in hand, laying the foundation for high performance growth throughout the year; 3) Profitability maintained and R&D investment increased; 4) […]

Essence Securities gave Sany Heavy Industry a buy rating. The performance was in line with expectations, insisting on R&D investment to build long-term core competitiveness. The target price is 19.55 yuan.

AnxinsecuritiesPosted on May 4thResearch reportsay, giveSany Heavy Industries(600031.SH, latest price: 16.5 yuan) Buy rating, target price of 19.55 yuan. The reasons for the rating mainly include: 1) The income side basically matches the growth rate of the industry, and under the background of the stable growth policy, the demand improvement drives the industry; 2) The […]

Bank of China Securities maintains Dangsheng Technology Overweight rating: predicting high growth in the first quarter, high nickel products are steadily increasing – yqqlm

  BOC SecuritiesPosted on April 12thResearch reportsay, maintainDangsheng Technology(300073.SZ, latest price: 71.2 yuan) Overweight rating.The reasons for the rating mainly include: 1) The company released the first quarter of 2022performanceIt is predicted that the profit in 2022Q1 will increase by 135%-168% year-on-year. The company’s domestic and foreign orders have grown rapidly, and high-nickel products have steadily […]

Tianfeng Securities gives Lexus a Buy rating: Steady improvement in human efficiency and continuous deepening of application of new technologies – yqqlm

  Tianfeng SecuritiesPublished on April 11thResearch reportsay, giveLexus Software(688588.SH, latest price: 12.37 yuan) Buy rating. The reasons for the rating mainly include: 1) The human efficiency is further improved, and the company’s cost control advantages are highlighted; 2) The important customers have been further developed.Risk warning: 1) The company holds more than 1% of the issued […]

Huaan Securities gave Weixing New Materials a buy rating: 2021Q4 revenue increased against the trend, and the new business of waterproof water purification is expanding smoothly – yqqlm

  Huaan SecuritiesPosted on April 10thResearch reportsay, giveWeixing New Materials(002372.SZ, latest price: 21.58 yuan) Buy rating.The reasons for the rating mainly include: 1) 2021Q4 revenue growth against the trend, the impact of investment income and incentive feesnet profit; 2) PPR/PVC revenue increased year-on-year, and the sharp rise in raw material prices dragged down gross profit; 3) […]