‘Final installment of rice insurance’ Rice income guarantee 65/66 Check the difference on the day the money comes in.

an update “Rice Income Insurance” Aid to farmers 65/66 Implemented until the 33rd installment, which is the last installment, farmers can check money Rice income insurance 65/66 The money difference guarantees the price of rice. for Final installment of rice insurance benchmark price According to the rice farmers’ income insurance program 2022/23, the 33rd installment […]

Pay the difference to guarantee rice income. The 24th installment has arrived.

“ The 24th share of rice income is guaranteed. Pay the difference this time. The price of paddy remains stable. But farmers are still satisfied. BAAC beats on 29 March Mr revealed Udom Srisomsong, deputy director general of the Department of Internal Trade, that the Sub-Committee on Supervision and Determination of Intermediate Criteria for the […]

The money difference guarantees rice income 65/66, the 22nd installment from December Kor. Sir What date did you transfer? Check now.

Mr revealed Udom Srisomsong, Deputy Director General of the Department of Internal Trade, that the sub-committee oversees and sets the central criteria for referring projects.Income insurance for rice farmers has taken into account the benchmark reference price and compensation for the price difference Rice Farmers Income Insurance Program 2022/23 or “Rice Income Insurance 65/66” The […]

BAAC transfers installments of “farmer income insurance money” 1-19, check here

“ Check the money “Farmer Income Insurance”, the difference “Rice Price Insurance” BAAC has been issued and transferred to pay the 1st-19th installment. “Farmer Income Insurance” project update, “Farmer Income Insurance”, check the money “Farmer Income Insurance”, the difference “Rice Price Insurance” A framework of 81,266 million baht was approved from the cabinet decision on […]

Check, guarantee rice income 65/66, period 18 December AS Transfer money difference 15 Feb.

progress Income Insurance Program for Rice Farmers Year 2022/66 or Rice income insurance 65/66 Continuing report “Bangkok online business”, pay the difference”rice price insurance” the Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) has started to gradually transfer money to farmers continuously Reached until the period 1-17 The latest Department of Internal Trade Ministry of Commerce […]