Monkeypox Cases Surge in Bangkok: Urgent Measures Needed to Prevent Spread

Title: Monkeypox Outbreak in Bangkok Raises Concerns as Cases Continue to Surge In recent months, Bangkok has experienced a sharp rise in monkeypox cases, with a staggering 152 patients identified thus far. This alarming trend has prompted authorities to intensify efforts to educate the public on preventive measures and self-care strategies. Adding to the concern, […]

[단독] Corona tests using saliva

A PCR (gene amplification) saliva diagnostic kit that can diagnose corona infection with just saliva without taking samples by stabbing deep into the nose has been approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for the first time in Korea. AMS Bio, a subsidiary of the Biosmart Group with a pharmaceutical biobusiness unit and […]

Does saliva really help prevent tooth decay?

What are the benefits of saliva? ? 1. Saliva helps in rinsing. Reduce the infection of oral microorganisms 2. Saliva dilutes the acid or acts as a buffer. To help control the acidity (pH) in the mouth to an appropriate level is the oral pH condition that does not promote the dissolution of minerals from […]

Criticism can stop, and ridicule; ‘Mankading’ is not a bad wicket since October! | saliva | run out | mcc rules | mcc | marylebobne cricket club | mankad | laws of cricket | cricket rules | cricket laws | cricket | malayalam cricket news | manorama news | Malayalam Cricket News | Manorama News | Cricket Live | MCC | Mankading | Cricket News | Malayalam Cricket News | Sports Magazine

London വി Criticisms, jokes and arguments against wicket-taking in the style of ‘mangkading’ can be stopped. ‘Mankading’ is now official, with bowlers expelling non-strikers who leave the crease before bowling is completed. The decision was taken by the Marliban Cricket Club (MCC), which is also a cricket reform committee. The MCC, the owners of London’s […]

The total number of global vaccinations exceeds 6.4 billion doses in Europe and two countries to restrict young people from vaccinating Modena

  (Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) The total number of global vaccinations exceeds 6.4 billion doses in Europe and the two countries restrict young people from receiving Modena vaccine China News Agency, Beijing, October 8th. Comprehensive news: The latest data on the official website of the World Health Organization shows that as of 18:57 on the 7th […]

Only 3500 won… You can tell what kind of corona you have in an hour after spitting

Inspection cost only 3500 won… Let me know which species you were infected with within an hour (Photo courtesy of Weiss Biosensitivity Engineering Research Institute) [아시아경제 이진수 선임기자] A method is currently being developed to test whether a person is infected with COVID-19 with saliva. Test results are available within an hour. If you are […]