Samsung Heavy Industries’ ‘pre-build post-contract’…Subcontract abuse recognized

[사진=연합뉴스 ] When Samsung Heavy Industries received a rectification order for violating the Subcontract Act, which announced subcontract work after the subcontract work had begun, it lost the lawsuit it protested. According to the legal community on the 25th, the Administrative Division of the Seoul High Court 6-2 (Chief Judge Wi Kwang-ha Hong Seong-wook Choi […]

[Front-line interview]Samsung Ningbo divests more than 1,000 workers to defend their rights | Samsung Heavy Industries | Strike | Compensation Plan

[Epoch Times September 12, 2021](Epoch Times reporters Luo Ya and Gu Xiaohua interviewed and reported) Samsung Heavy Industries recently withdraws capital from its Ningbo shipyard and returns to South Korea, and will use N+1 compensation to dismissed employees, triggering employees Panic and dissatisfaction. The employees went on strike for days, hoping to get a 3N […]