Deep learning technology helps! New tool identifies diverse bacteria from microscopy images | GeneOnline News

Artificial intelligence technology is driving continuous progress in the medical field. Recently, a team from the University of Washington demonstrated the newly developed deep learning software Omnipose. With the help of advanced technology, Omnipose not only achieves the original goal of helping to identify various microscopic bacteria in microscope images, but also enable further Identification […]

Upgrade the new technology of MRI imaging! DIANA Improves Temporal, Spatial Resolution of Signals in the Brain | GeneOnline News

Jang-Yeon Park, a professor of biomedical engineering from South Korea, led his research team to develop an emerging technology that can overcome multiple limitations of the current functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) technology that has been used for nearly 30 years, providing Neuroscientists are working on more powerful research tools for brain diseases such as […]

From natural to synthetic, microbial therapy leverages synthetic biology to open up fields of clinical application! | Gene News Online

Of all the advances in synthetic biology, microbiome therapy is the most rapidly developing and highly anticipated area of ​​technology. With the scientific revelation of the close relationship between microbial ecology and human health, the microorganism is considered a “second genome” other than the human genome, which widely affects gastrointestinal health, chronic diseases, cancer, and […]

Maybe another monkey virus will be a threat to humans? US research reveals virus targets key receptors in human cells | GeneOnline News

The University of Colorado’s BioFrontiers Institute has spent the last 15 years exploring the world’s animal viruses through state-of-the-art experimental techniques to study their effects on humans. An unknown group of viruses has circulated among wild African primates and causes a deadly Ebola-like virus in monkeys, according to new research from the institute, recently published […]

Get the best of psychedelics and antidepressants! The US is developing compounds with immediate and long-term efficacy | GeneOnline News

It is no longer news that psychedelics such as LSD, psilocybin, and MDMA have the potential to treat mental health. However, because their drug image and effectiveness are still controversial, scientists are still looking for drugs others that can treat substance depression. Recently, research teams from UC San Francisco, UNC-Chapel Hill, Yale University and other […]

By exploring the inner world of cells, a new micro-antenna can see the development of disease from a cellular perspective | GeneOnline News

The application and development of micro-robots in the medical field continues to keep up with the times. In “Nature-Communication” (Nature Communication) in the latest paper in the journal,MITA team (MIT) has shown for the first time a small antenna that can operate wirelessly inside living cells. As cells are the foundation of biological systems, the […]

Analysis of high-resolution lunar crater images – Contributing to the elucidation of the Moon’s formation history and future lunar exploration India| Indian Science and Technology News| India Science Portal Communicate the current state of science and technology in India

Scientists at Jawaharlal Nehru University in India announced on August 16 that they had revealed the morphological characteristics and mineral deposits of impact craters on the equatorial and polar regions of the Moon.scientific magazine Indian nature reported on August 23. Publication of research results in academic journals Journal of Earth System Science Published in Thousands […]