Delinquent Youth Rehabilitation Programs: Using Songs to Inspire Change

Man Involved in Recent Traffic Accident Had History of School Violence A man in his 20s, identified as Shinmo (28), who caused a serious traffic accident near Apgujeong Station in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, injuring a young woman, was found to have a past involving school violence. Shinmo was arrested for violating the Traffic Accident Handling Special […]

Ex-Husband Allegations: Ryu Hye-rin Claims Abuse and Demands Child Support

Title: Ryu Hye-rin Accuses Ex-Husband of Alcohol Abuse, Assault, and Verbal Abuse; Demands Child Support By Lee Eun, Money Today Reporter | August 3, 2023, 22:16 In the recent episode of “High School Mom and Dad 4,” Ryu Hye-rin, the ‘Teen Mom’ influencer with 1.6 million followers, spoke out about her ex-husband’s abusive behavior. Meanwhile, […]

High School Mother’s Journey: Overcoming Domestic Violence and Finding Freedom

**Title: “High School Mother and Father’s Story of Domestic Violence Sparks Outrage”** **Subtitle: Ryu Hye-rin, a victim of repeated attacks by her husband, shares her harrowing experience on MBN’s ‘High School Mom and Dad 4 that Adults Don’t Know’** **Photo Caption: MCs Park Mi-sun and Seo Jang-hoon express their anger on MBN’s ‘High school mother […]

College Students’ Transfers Across States: Navigating the ‘Score Fairness’ Bottom Line

College Students Transferring Across States: Striving for Fairness in Scores Beijing News Quick Review Data Map: University Library. Photo News Agency/Xinhua According to recent reports from the Beijing News, nine college students in Beijing, including those from Peking University, Beihang University, and Beijing Foreign Language School, will be transferring to other provinces. Available information reveals […]

The 2023 “Golden Goat Award” Financial Academic Exchange Conference was successfully held in Guangzhou

Securities Times reporter Wu Shaolong Recently, the 2023 “Golden Goat Award” Financial Academic Exchange Conference was successfully held in Guangzhou. Lai Zhihong, deputy mayor of Guangzhou and a member of the party group of the municipal government, attended and delivered a speech, “Golden Goat Award” expert judges, representatives of award-winning book authors, national financial regulatory […]