Cyber Police Crack Down on Online Threats, Seize Assets Including Luxury Rolls Royce

“Cyber Police” Launches Operations to Combat Online Threats Thai law enforcement agencies are stepping up efforts to tackle cyber threats head-on. The Bureau of Investigation of Technological Crimes (BAC) has initiated a strategic operation aimed at dismantling two major sources of concern – a call center network and Chinese crypto capital. Primarily focused on asset […]

The Cyber Police Issue Summons to Famous Influencers for Online Gambling Allegations

The Nonthaburi District Court is set to receive a summons tomorrow for four prominent influencers: Pon Niphon, Pu Fanpon, Oil Roykiss, and Cherry Samkhok. This comes as the cyber police issue allegations against them and invite them to acknowledge their involvement in online gambling activities. The Cyber Police Deputy Commissioner emphasizes that the criminal penalty […]

Is the US preparing to impose sanctions and seize Chinese assets?

“Thanong Khanthong” suggests that the United States is possible. boycott and confiscation of Chinese assets within this year to remove influence Shows there is a game to be played. Including famous American investors warning them to invest in other countries, including the director of the FBI suddenly coming out to revive the fact that the […]

136 million baht was seized from Pol Lt Gen Somchai, former deputy commissioner of the Provincial Police. unusually rich Wife and child hit too.

Niwatchai Kasemmongkol, secretary general of the NACC as spokesperson for the NACC Office. announcing that as a result of NACC’s decision to highlight the offender in the allegation Lt. Gen. Somchai Nittayabawornkul or to cherish when in office Deputy Commissioner of Provincial Police Region 8 (Deputy Commissioner of Police 8) has an unusually rich demeanour. […]