78 children died in Israeli attacks on Gaza –

Share Tweet Share Share E-mail The death toll on both sides is rising. The Israelis said more than 700 Israelis were killed in the Hamas attack, and their minister said the number would be much higher. Official data from Gaza also arrived this evening. According to media reports, 413 Palestinians were killed in Israeli attacks, […]

What is “horsepower” and what is “kilowatt”? –

Share Tweet Share Share E-mail “HP” – “Horsepower” (Eng. “Horsepower”) is an old unit of power, which in the nomenclature is marked “KS”, and with the introduction of ISO-norms (at the beginning of 1979) it was replaced by watts (W), i.e. a thousand times with a larger kilowatt (kW), they write Independent. Old and new […]

The new Balkan route now leads through Poland –

Share Tweet Share Share E-mail On Wednesday, at six o’clock in the morning, residents reported the first refugees. Eight people are standing next to a fence – the smugglers have disappeared. German police arrive and take eight young men from Syria to the station. In the south of Brandenburg, not far from the German-Polish border, […]

Deposits in July higher by about 302 million KM than in June –

Share Tweet Share Share E-mail The growth of deposits on a monthly level was registered by households by 70.5 million KM or 0.5 percent, by private companies by 270.9 million KM or 4.2 percent, and by non-financial public companies by 3.2 million KM or 0.2 percent. A decrease in deposits in July compared to the […]

Europe’s mining quest faces a roadblock

In Portugal’s northern Barroso region, Maria Loureiro weeps at the prospect of losing her family’s land to a mine that could become one of Europe’s biggest producers of lithium, used in electric vehicle batteries and other clean technologies. “I don’t want them to take away what my parents and grandparents left me,” Loureiro, 55, said. […]


Share Tweet Share Share E-mail The first half brought an exciting game, the match started dynamically, and our national team immediately took the initiative. Already in the early stages of the game, the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina takes the lead. In the 3rd minute, Edin Dzeko was accurate after a crowd in the […]

‘This is more serious than it seems’ –

Share Tweet Share Share E-mail More and more countries are reporting the “worrying return of covid-19”, which is rapidly spreading in the United States, parts of Europe and beyond. According to doctors, the new BA.2.86 variant, unofficially called pyrrole, is “worrisome” because it is a highly mutated version of omicron. Last Thursday, in a new […]

A train ran into a car, two girls miraculously survived –

Share Tweet Share Share E-mail The accident happened in the town of Trenkovo ​​in Mirogojska Street, Hina reported. As the police announced, a 26-year-old girl was driving a car, and when she came to an unprotected crossing over the railroad tracks, she did not stop the vehicle at the visibly posted sign “mandatory stop”, as […]