Lanz intervenes on talk show: Hamas is playing a “cynical game”

A journalist is lobbying Lanz for Germany to call Israel to order. Strong headwind comes from CDU woman Serap Güler and the moderator himself. “Markus Lanz” discussed the Gaza war on Wednesday in a “very intensive round,” as the moderator himself described it. His guests gave different answers to the question: Is Israel an apartheid […]

Mother on “Hart but fair”: “Slap in the face”

A poor mother at “Hart aber fair” has nothing from the new basic child security, she says. Green leader Ricarda Lang also says: The system remains unfair. It only took Ricarda Lang half an hour to go from “I’m not disappointed” to “It won’t be enough for the same chances”. The leader of the Greens […]

Lanz to Green politician Touré: “That’s naive”

Opinions differ on the subject of EU asylum reform. Green politician Aminata Touré met “Markus Lanz” with opposition from CDU woman Serap Güler. “Sorry, that’s naive” – ​​during the debate about the planned EU asylum reform, moderator Markus Lanz met Green politician Aminata Touré with clear words on Wednesday evening. The guests Serap Güler, CDU […]