Dow Jones Profit Gains Amidst Plunging Thai Stocks: Concerns over Political Vacuum

Dow Jones Profits Surge as Strong Companies Drive Growth, While Thai Stocks Plunge Amid Concerns of Political Vacuum By Jia Sophon and Praewawanvanich Published on 21-07-66 Hot Issue: Foreign Capital Boosts Thai Stocks, Hopes for SET Rebound at 9:35 1. At 9:35, there is optimism for a rebound in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) […]

Strict Credit Rating Management Key to Preventing Repeat of STARK Default and Shaping Investment Opportunities in Listed Companies

Strict Credit Rating Management Prevents Bond Defaults Credit rating agencies such as “TRIS Rating” are adopting stricter measures to prevent a repeat of the STARK incident, where defaults on bonds by STARK and other companies resulted in significant consequences. By placing a particular emphasis on companies utilizing the “Back Door Listing” mechanism or becoming listed […]

ASPS hopes to have a window dressing in the second half of June

Asia Plus is expected in the second half of June, and there will be an opportunity for institutional investors to wear a window. Willing to recommend stockpiling remaining stocks such as stocks in the SET 50 that produced gains that beat the market in the second half of the month. June, the last 5 years […]

HILITE: JMART-JMT falls against SET50 risk | RYT9

JMART stock price decreased 1.99% or 0.40 baht to 19.70 baht, with a trading value of 76.08 million baht at 10.25 from the opening price of 20.10 baht, the highest price of 20.10 baht, and the lowest price of 19.70 baht. JMT stock price fell 2.94% or decreased 1.25 baht to 41.25 baht, trading value […]

TLI-WHA, the favorite to take part in the new round of SET50

Causing the investment atmosphere during this period to be filled with uncertainty There is selling pressure to reduce the risk that spreads to almost all groups. Choosing stocks to invest in this period Therefore, it must be chosen specially. One of the interesting themes look safe not based on politics, is the theme SET50 and […]

Know before shopping!! Shares in SET50-SET100 in June 2023

3 stocks worth shopping!! analytics department Yuanta Securities (Thailand) Co, Ltd evaluates interesting stocks for speculation in the SET50-SET100 index this time. TLI With the 32nd highest market cap size, being included in the SET50 and SET100 indexes, a lot of money will come in from passive funds and active funds. Additionally, life insurance stocks […]