The SET index closed at 1,637.29 points, an increase of 18.06 points or 1.12%.

Thai e-finance news agency- -11 November 65 16:45 Thai News Agency E-finance (11 November 65)— On HH:mm, trading value is 86,412.19 million baht The 5 highest traded securities are 1.AOT closed at 75.75 baht, up 1.00 baht, trading value 3,272.59 million baht, 2.DELTA closed at 620.00 baht Increased 14.0 . baht, trading value 2,623.85 million […]

MICRO teams up with MIB to launch a “Service Excellence” offensive game, starting to meet tent customers, partners across the country.

Micro Leasing Public Company Limited or MICRO is teaming up with Micro Insurance Brokers (MIB) to launch a “Service Excellence” strategy, a road show to meet tent customers across the country. Pilot to penetrate the north-eastern market and the lower northern area first Create an advantage to expand business opportunities Currently, there are more than […]

UMI come back! 9 month performance, turning a profit of 169 million baht, earning 2,021 million baht. Bright Q4 / 65 marketing activities drive the last curve of the year.

“United Mosaic Industry Public Company Limited (UMI) sent a positive signal for the 9-month period, turning a profit of 169 million baht, compared to the same period the previous year with a net loss of 13 million baht, sweeping revenue sales of 2,021 million baht. Regarding the Q3/22 budget, the revenue from product sales was […]

AMARC shows a 9-month performance with a profit of almost 14%, earning more than 203 million baht. A large customer base supports the portfolio. The annual revenue is expected to grow in line with the target

“Asia Medical and Agricultural Laboratory and Research Public Company Limited or AMARC” showed a 9-month performance, beautiful form, with a profit of 17.38 million baht, an increase of 13.9%, and a revenue of 202.61 million baht, which is a 13.6% increase from the same period of the previous year After the covid has subsided Large […]

This morning, the SET index closed at 1,630.37 points, up 11.14 points or 0.69%.

Thai e-finance news agency – -11 Nov. 65 12:31 p.m Thai News Agency E-finance (11 November 65)— Trading value is 48,119.13 million baht The top 5 most traded securities are 1.AOT closed at 75.25 baht, up 0.50 baht, trading value 2,065.61 million baht, 2.DELTA closed at 628.00 baht, up 22.00 baht.3,000 baht . 3.MINT closes […]

Sequoia Capital values ​​the FTX investment at $0 after bankruptcy risk.

CNBC news agency said that Venture capital firm Sequoia Capital has said that it will cut its $210 million investment in cryptocurrency invested in the FTX market to zero due to the possibility of FTX bankruptcy. Sequoia posted on Twitter to communicate with investors on Wednesday (Nov. 9) in the past few days, A severe […]