Supalai top form, breaking record in Q3/65, total revenue increased to record high

 • SPALI shows Q3/22 with total revenue of more than 11,362 million baht, an increase of 51%, and sales pending revenue recognition of more than 23,016 million baht, confident of reaching the total revenue target of 29,000 million baht. • Outstanding growth performance 9 months Sweeping the highest net profit of 6,002 million baht, an […]

Weekly-monthly double digit returns DOGE garden price milled -10%

The market is still slow After Fed Meeting Results, Bitcoin remains above $20,000 despite the marginal conditions But looking at the Top20 coins, MATIC recovered, adding double-digit percentages weekly and monthly. OKB, the 48th ranked coin, jumped more than 20 percent, while DOGE was weak, its price plunging more than 10 percent in 24 hours. […]

The SET index closed at 1626.32 points, an increase of 0.70 points or 0.04%.

Thai e-finance news agency- -4 Nov. 65 16:45 Thai News Agency E-finance (4 November 65)– At HH:mm, trading value is 63,702.24 million baht The 5 highest traded securities are 1.PTTEP closes at 192.00 baht, up 4.00 baht, trading value is 3,612.79 million baht, 2.ADVANC closes at 187.00 baht Decrease – 4.50 baht, trading value 2,718.48 […]

IRPC joins in driving the country’s goals to protect ecosystems

IRPC Public Company Limited or IRPC by Khun Arisara Sutthasut, Executive Vice President The Office of Corporate Affairs, representatives of IRPC, jointly announced their intention to demonstrate “Commitment to the management, formulation of policies, and use of sustainable and equitable biodiversity across the supply chain . There is a system for assessing and monitoring the […]