Professor Jet has already answered, there are viral swarms of bats flying around Funny people are afraid of sex. Honestly, it’s just “shocking”.

Viral horde of bats flying around Making people laugh and fear sex Recently, Professor Jet has already answered. From a scientific point of view, bats are “shocked” by loud noises. From an accountant’s case TikTok@airrider2533 Having posted an ambulance to pick up a 75-year-old bedridden patient, suddenly, an incredible event happened. A swarm of bats […]

“Hi-So Lily” recorded a crying clip, begging “Erk” to return 34 million.

of the case on December 6, the past Lily Wanmani Ponsavan actress, singer Vietnamese descent, Lao nationality, filed a complaint with the Ministry of Justice that “Erk Lederer” Former singer and actor Fraud wasted a lot of money. Now fleeing arrest warrant to live in Germany Ask the Thai authorities to coordinate with Interpol to […]