Solve the question “why are some people close to covid patients” but not infected?

Medical Genome Center cooperate with “international researcher” decoding the genetic code of infected people in the whole genome (23 pairs of chromosomes, 25,000 genes from 3 billion bases) to solve the problem. Along with decoding the entire genome of the 2019 coronavirus (30,000 bases), past research shows that people infected with virtually all types of […]

“Ajarn Jet” reveals the truth. Pangyen, in fact, it is not cold at all.

“Teacher Jet” Dr.Jetsada Denduangboriban indicate that “Why usecold dough And then it’s cold, even though it’s really it’s not cool(I’m confused after reading this haha)Yesterday I was talking to a news reporter. who suspected that why bath time Then sprinkle cool flour over the body. and it was cool even though the powder was cold […]