TEN Reviews Vincenzo’s Best 184… I’m over 100 days

tvN’Vinsenzo’ ends on the 2ndSong Joong-ki and Jeon Yeo-bin, hot kiss ending14.6% nationwide, 16.2% highest /Photo = TVN Saturday and Sunday drama’Vinsenzo’ broadcast screen tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama’Vinsenzo’ recorded the highest viewership rating of 18.4% and gained the beauty of the end. According to the audience rating research institute Nielsen Korea, the final episode […]

Song Joong-ki apologizes “Vinsenzo” China PPL controversy “I apologize again”

[뉴스토마토 신상민 기자] Actor Song Joong-gi the t.v Weekend drama ‘Vincenzo’Apologized for the controversy over indirect advertising. Song Joong-ki 3In the final interview of’Vinsenzo’ held in Japan, a Chinese brand’s bibimbap PPLAbout what appeared as “Leaving the main actor ‘Vincenzo’I do not know if I can be called the representative as a member of”Opened the […]

Song Joong-ki, “Sorry for the inconvenience… Focus on inner fun without being shaken” in controversy over’China PPL’

Actor Song Joong-gi directly apologized for the controversy over the’China PPL’ in the drama’Vinsenzo’. In an online interview commemorating the end of the tvN drama’Vinsenzo’ held on the 3rd, Song Joong-ki shared his honest thoughts without avoiding questions related to being criticized as an indirect advertisement (PPL) for eating Chinese bibimbap products. Song Joong-ki said, […]

Jeon Yeo-bin was shot by Vincenzo, angry Song Joong-ki… Highest rating of 137 overall

/Photo = tvN’Vinsenzo’ ‘Vinsenzo’ Jeon Yeo-bin was shot instead of Song Joong-ki and fell. TVN’s Saturday and Sunday drama’Vinsenzo’ (directed Kim Hee-won, playbook Park Jae-beom) recorded an average of 11.9%, a maximum of 13.7% (Nielsen Korea national standard), and kept the top spot in all channels including terrestrial broadcasts. In the broadcast that day, Jang […]

‘Vinsenzo’ and Song Joong-ki, a massive after-storm brought about by the conceptless PPL

[엔터미디어=정덕현의 이슈공감] Eventually, a situation was created to deal with related articles, even to the Chinese global time signal.. the t.v Saturday and Sunday drama <Vincenzo>Bibimbap from China PPLThis is how it just appeared and disappeared at least once. PPL It went beyond the level of controversy.. Professor Kyung-Duk Seo SNSThrough the Global Times, the […]