Get tired! Barcelona thrashed Elche 3-2, moving seventh in the table.

The Spanish La Liga football match will be played between Barcelona and Elche at the Camp Nou on Saturday, December 18, 2021. Starting the game for 16 minutes, the hosts came to get a corner kick on the left side, Osman Dembele opened the box high into the penalty area, Ferran Utgla ran into the […]

Elche vs Real Madrid 1-2 | Spanish La Liga results

Spanish La Liga football match 2021/22 Elche, ranked 15th of the opening table, Estadio Martinez Valero, received the visit of Real Madrid, the second team of the crowd. Today, the hosts use a 4-4-1-1 plan, with Raul Guti in charge of central midfield, Javier Pastare and Lucas Boye in front of the line, while the […]

Start a new coach! Barcelona’s home run was beaten by Alaves 1-1.

The Spanish La Liga football match will be played between Azul Grana Barcelona and Alaves at Camp Nou on Saturday night, October 30. This is the first game of the home team’s new manager Sergi Barjuan, who took over the role of Ronald Koeman, who was sacked on Wednesday. Starting the game in the first […]

Levante vs Atlético Madrid 2-2 | Spanish La Liga results

Atletico Madrid defeated Levante twice in a row, drawing 2-2 in La Liga in the 2021/22 season. The 2021/22 Spanish La Liga season will be played at the Estadio Ciudad de Valencia between Levante and defending champions Atletico Madrid. Levante in this game sent Mikael Malsa, Anis Bardi, Dani Gomez, Jose Luis Morales into the […]

Laporta vs Koeman: Civil War that broke Barcelona, ​​not losing money

Without money but still have class It’s hard for anyone to look down on you and easily defeat you… The Barcelona story should be the same with the current situation. Even if the finances are declining How will the covid crisis play? But they were a former team that clubs around the world don’t want […]

Athletic Bilbao vs Barcelona 1-1 | Spanish La Liga results

The Spanish La Liga soccer match between Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona v Azul Grana at San Mames Stadium on Saturday night, August 21, 2021. Six minutes into the opener, the visitors had the opportunity to greet Memphis Depay, who had dragged away Inigo Martinez, before Martin Braithwaite fired a shot from 6 yards over the […]