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How is degenerative arthritis treated? ( Symptoms and Prevention of Degenerative Hip Arthritis At present, the drugs for the treatment of degenerative arthritis tend to relieve symptoms, or to delay or temporarily stop the degeneration process, rather than the real fundamental treatment. Common degenerative arthritis treatments include the following: You can consult a professional physician […]

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Men after age 40 avoid sedentary, slow prostate problems Behaviors that may worsen the symptoms of prostate hypertrophy After the age of 40, with age, sedentary improves and increases, and the proportion will become higher and higher. The doctor reminds that prostate hypertrophy is not directly related to prostate cancer. Chronic inflammation of the prostate […]

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Prostate hypertrophy drug treatment Do you have the following symptoms? Small and weak urine flow. You have to wait a while to urinate to get it out. Always feel that the prostate hypertrophy exercise can not completely empty the urine in the bladder. Just after urinating, you need to urinate again within 1-2 hours. It […]