“Ying-Libra” opens every moment of love. with smiles and tears

It’s another couple that has every molecule of sweetness from the heart alone. “Ying Ratha Phongam” a “Libra Tulythep Euawittaya” But if it’s about love, there will always be obstacles to break through like a test in marriage or being a partner. the woman and the Libra are another couple who hold hands and stay […]

“Tek Sathuan” announces the wedding, debuts the bride for the first time! “Praew Pailin” beautiful, sweet, super cute.

Congratulations to another sweet couple. between the former superstar Tek-Sathon Economist And sweetheart, beautiful, air hostess degree, famous airline Praewpailin Buchanan or Praew Pailin When the two have officially announced the good news of their romantic wedding plans! That will be held on October 22, 2022 after spending about 6 months planting love trees together. […]