State Welfare Card Program: Credit Limits and Benefits for August 2023

State Welfare Card: New Regulations and Benefits for August 2023 People in need of financial assistance will soon benefit from the state welfare card, also known as the poor people’s card, starting from August 2023. The card offers a credit limit of 1,200 baht, which cannot be exchanged for cash. State Welfare Card Registration to […]

False Information Surrounding Addition of Funds to State Welfare Card Exposed

False Information Regarding State Welfare Card Disbursement The Facts Behind the Forwarded Message A forwarded message claiming that the government is adding up to 800 baht to the state welfare card without the need for registration, and that individuals can avail this benefit by 19th June 2023, has been circulating on social media platforms. However, […]

Check “State Welfare Card” entitlements, poor people’s card, pass-fail, appeal round

Look at state welfare patents, poor people’s cards, “Pass-fail” appellant names published today (12 June 23 September) The latest increase of the state welfare card, the poor card, today (June 12, 2023), the Ministry of Finance published the list of names. “Pass-failed” for those who appealed the poor people’s card on the specified date and […]