The broker pointed out that ‘Thai stocks’ continued to rise in the afternoon. From the close of the market this morning, plus 2.31 points. Good budget stocks support.

index movementThai stocksThis morning (12 Nov) the market is closed. SET INDEX plus 2.31 points or 0.14% at 1634.75 points by the morning of the index rose to the highest 1,640.66 points and dropped to the lowest 1632.88 points, with a total trading value of 41,415.90 million baht. Securities analyst Securities (securities) Gold Black revealed […]

Thai stocks closed up 5.69 points, energy-petro groups Continue to support the index

The Thai stock market closed for trading on October 8, 2021, closed at 1,639.41 points, adjusted +5.69 points, trading value over 92,939.35 million baht. Brokers pointed out that energy stocks such as PTT, PTTEP and petrochemical groups helped to support the index in positive territory. The SET closed today at 1,639.41, up 5.69, or +0.35%, […]