“Covid 19” enters decline Faster than expected, Thailand infected more than 70%

Follow the news >> Komchadluek online “Mo Yong” reveals information about “COVID-19” begins to decline Faster than expected, most Thai people were found to be infected more than 70% The latest outbreak strain is BA. 2.75. “Mo Yong” Prof. Dr. Yong Phuvorawan Head of Center of Excellence in Virology Clinic Pediatric Department Faculty of Medicine […]

Keep an eye on 3 species of “Omicron”, increasing the epidemic while BA.5 is still the biggest epidemic.

“Doctor Thira” Assoc.Prof.Dr., Teera Worathanarat, MD Faculty of Medicine Facebook Post Chulalongkorn University Thira Woratanarat Reveal infection COVID Yesterday, the world was infected with 215,345 more people, 551 more deaths, a total of 636,191,953 people, 6,596,671 deaths. The top 5 infected people are Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States and Russia. “omicron” BA.5 Still […]

“Omicron” BA.2.75 is worrying, tends to be fitter than others. How severe is it?

became an eye-catcher again for “Omicron” subspecies BA.2.75 After today, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teera Woratanarat, Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University stated that in Thailand found “Omicron” subspecies BA.2.75 from samples of specimens from Trang Province Since June 28, 2022, there are also reports that Found infected with the virus in India, it was found that […]

“O Micron” BA.2.75 found in Thailand, Dr. Theera emphasizes that it is stronger than BA.5, resistant to drug treatment.

(19 Jul. 2022 ) “Doctor Thira” Assoc.Prof.Dr. Teera Woratanarat Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Has posted a message on a personal Facebook page. Thira Woratanarat Update the epidemic situationCOVID As of July 19, 2022, there were 401,359 more deaths worldwide yesterday, 909 more deaths, bringing the total to 568,111,043 and 6,388,680 deaths. Top 5 infectedCOVIDThe […]

Keep an eye on “Omicron” BA.2.75, starting to spread in many countries. The ability to spread the infection faster than before.

Doctor Thira Assoc.Prof.Dr. Teera Woratanarat Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Post messages via facebook Thira Woratanara Addressing the epidemic situation “Omicron” That yesterday there were 783,526 more infected people around the world, 1,329 more deaths. The top 5 infected people are France, Italy, Japan, the United States and Brazil. What the world is watching is […]